Rhys. Apparently considered eligible to be a teacher. Entertaining that idea for the next year.

Community. The Wire. The Newsroom. Game of Thrones. Breaking Bad. Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Back To The Future. Inception. District 9. The Prestige. Marvel.

Rooster Teeth. Hat Films. Sips.

Biffy Clyro. The Gaslight Anthem. Explosions In The Sky.

Anna Kendrick. Gillian Jacobs. Kat Dennings. Alison Brie.



cba tagging people but i got tagged and i like these things so i mean yolo right. consider this an open tag to EVERYONE—

Put your music on shuffle and answer these questions! Once you’re done tag 10 followers!

1.Title of the first song describes how you die
Out of the Abyss - Bo Burnham

2. Second song describes your love life
Longview - Green Day

3. Third song will be played at your wedding
All in Vein - The Vaccines (lovely)

4. Add “in my pants” to the title of this song
Summer in my pants - Sum 41

5. Fifth song will be playing at your funeral
You Need Me - Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six

6. Sixth song is your theme song
Chairman of the Bored - Mikill Pane

7. Seventh song will play when you think of someone you love
Waking The Demon - Bullet for My Valentine (incredible)

8. Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title of the eighth song
Jet Lag with a shovel and a screwdriver - Frank Turner

9. Ninth song describes your week
I Don’t Need No Doctor - John Mayer

10. Tenth song will play when you miss someone
We Hate You Please Die - Crash and the Boys (again, incredible)

jena malone playing robin in dawn of justice would be fucking cool

currently, i have been awake today for 17 hours

the second i go to bed i am going to fall asleep so hard i forget what day it is when i wake up

how is it fair that birdman isn’t out in the uk until JANUARY 

when the whole edgar wright/ant man stuff came out, i was resigned to marvel’s domination to fizzle out after avengers 2, but with the whole captain america 3/civil war stuff, i’m somehow even more hyped than ever

fuck you marvel why can’t i quit you

I am in fucking tears at todays GTA lets play holy fucking shit

I’ve just remembered tonight is the Bill Hader/Hozier snl and i am suddenly stupidly excited