Rhys. Male. Welsh. French studies.

Community. The Wire. The Newsroom. Game of Thrones. Breaking Bad. Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Back To The Future. Inception. District 9. The Prestige. Marvel.

Rooster Teeth. Hat Films. Sips.

Biffy Clyro. The Gaslight Anthem. Explosions In The Sky.

Anna Kendrick. Gillian Jacobs. Kat Dennings. Alison Brie.



made me so damn hype for guardians of the galaxy too god damn FOUR MORE SLEEPS

i thought the ant-man panel would give me a bit of hope for what the film is going to be but it’s less than a year until its release date and evangeline lily has been announced as the love interest and HASN’T SEEN A SCRIPT YET

fuck that film is going to be a disaster i can’t believe how quickly that has gone downhill


what are some of yr favorite punk albums of the year?

I feel like I haven’t heard a really great traditional punk album in 5ever and I really want to know if there’s something out there I’m missing. I’m not looking for a Pitchfork punk band, but rather a PunkNews punk band. If you know what I mean then you should recommend me something!!

Idk about this year but have you heard american idiot by green day?!

i have watched a lot of baseball this month and i am so damn obsessed but the single worst thing about baseball is the fact that people don’t refer to the baltimore orioles as the baltimorioles

i just read a picture caption “muscled jesus” as “muscled anus” i am too hungover and too tired to function

I’ve watched a fair few game of thrones panels over the years but there is really not much point because benioff/weiss say the same shit every single time and the questions are always exactly the damn same

give me 10 hannibal panels where bryan fuller treats every single fan as a human being and makes sure they pick up their prize for asking a question and just basically proving why he is one of the best showrunners/people around over the same old shit at a game of thrones panel